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Kimberton Knoll Snow Removal Procedures

General Guidelines:

  1. Once the snow has created a measurable accumulation, typically 2”, the contractor is to plow the main roadway and keep the roadway open throughout the snowstorm. Ashley and Inverness Road are plowed by East Pikeland Township since they are township-dedicated roads.
  2. Once the snow has stopped, the contractor will shovel all concrete walkways and mailbox areas and then clear the parking spaces.
  3. Upon completion of the shoveling and plowing, the contractor will salt and/or sand roadways and apply calcium chloride to walkways and mailbox locations.
  4. Parking spaces – If you see or hear the snow plow please move your vehicle or arrange to have your vehicle moved so that they can clear your parking space(s).


Thank you for your cooperation.

Safety Message

All Kimberton Knoll Home Owners are reminded to lock all car and house doors day and night, and to remove any valuables that are in plain sight in your vehicles. Also leave an outside porch light on at night to deter any criminal activity. This crime prevention tip will help you from becoming a victim of a crime.

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